QUALITY PACK joins the world-class DPG system

Szikszó, November 23rd, 2018. Following a successful audit in 2018, Hungary’s first aluminum beverage manufacturing plant, QUALITY PACK, joined the DPG system — which describes and regulates Germany’s can deposit system — as a certified beverage manufacturer.  The goal of joining the system was to increase the factory’s range of services, and continue to meet the growing needs of its growing number of customers.

In January of 2003, a new law called the German Packaging Ordinance came into effect, governing the required deposit that that must be paid for various single-use containers for beverages – including aluminum cans and PET bottles.  Many collection requirements were in place on packaging with a mandatory deposit fee, such as the requirement for beverage distributors to accept back the glass, plastic, composite materials and metal containers used.

For the purpose of meeting the extensive deposit repayment requirements in the beverage industry, in 2005 as an initiative of the German Trade Association and the beverage industry, the DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH was created, aiming to provide the legal and accounting framework for the deposit fees for its members.

To this end, DPG developed its own unified standard for labelling, which enables the automatic reading of the drink’s single-use packaging and collection into the system, and which makes it easy to take the mandatory deposit.  Unlike the original system, the expanded system is open for companies outside of Germany to join as well.  DPG provides participants with a regulatory framework which makes it easy for its members to account for the deposits.

Helping distributors with their work is extremely important for QUALITY PACK, as is constantly expanding our high quality services, so in 2018 following a successful audit, the company joined the DPG system, which, thanks to the unique structure of its barcode, makes it easier to sell the beverage cans and use the deposit collection system.

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