QUALITY PACK, Hungary’s first aluminum can manufacturing plant, was built as a member of the HELL company group in just 8 months, by spring of 2017.  This project represents a true milestone in the history of the company, since by having a can manufacturing plant within its corporate group, HELL ENERGY could further decrease its reliance on external suppliers, with the final step of vertical integration in place to give the company the chance to have sure and predictable growth.

Through this investment, the company manufactures 1.5 billion 250 ml cans and tops using one of Europe’s most modern and most efficient technologies.

In looking at HELL ENERGY’s history of growth, it’s clear to us that the key to gaining consumers’ trust is to manufacture exclusively the highest-quality products.  The training and commitment of our employees is the only guarantee we have that consumers will be able to look on the brand with satisfaction.

We produce our exceptional-quality products in our nearly 42,000 m² plant.  The aluminum beverage cans travel a distance of more than 800 meters, undergoing 13 separate manufacturing steps, as well as passing numerous quality assurance checkpoints.  As a result of all this, at the end of the process only flawless cans make it to consumers’ hands.

The manufacturing process proceeds at an unbelievable pace, with the help of our fully automated manufacturing equipment and measurement instruments.  The manufacturing line produces 50 cans and tops per second, which translates to 3,000 pieces per minute.  This, however, is not the limit of our capacity, and we are planning to add a second manufacturing line.  Thanks to our technology, we will be able to manufacture two different products at the same time!

The goal of the HELL company group is continuous development and a constant search for innovative solutions, a goal it shares with QUALITY PACK.  Our cans which can be easily opened with the tip of a finger are protected in 28 different European countries.  As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, our products are made from 100% recyclable aluminum, which is how we do our part socially.

We are proud to say that HELL ENERGY Magyarország Kft. is a leading brand in several countries, with its ultramodern filling plant and can manufacturing plant under its own ownership, which gives it an unmatched strategic position on a global scale.

Besides the positive feedback from our consumers and distributers, numerous professional awards speak to our success.  In 2018 we won the “Innovation 2018” award from the internationally recognized CanTech International magazine, and our latest pride is winning Gyártás Trend’s, (Manufacturing Trend’s) “Manufacturer of the year” award in in the “best manufacturing support processes” category.

The years to come will also be marked by constant growth and development, so that we can provide our suppliers and consumers with – by far – the best quality products, thereby contributing to the HELL ENERGY success story!


Think green, choose quality cans!