QUALITY PACK: first in innovation!

Szikszó, March 28th, 2018. It has been less than four years since Hungary’s first aluminum beverage can manufacturing plant, QUALITY PACK Zrt., began operation, and it is already receiving European-wide acclaim and professional acknowledgment for its innovative products: thanks to its aluminum top which can easily be opened with the tip of a finger, it was awarded the EURO CanTech 2018 international innovation award, given in Milan this year.

HELL ENERGY passed a new milestone last June, when it opened a sprawling 42,000 m², ultramodern aluminum beverage can manufacturing plant.  This accomplishment is unique in the world: it is capable of producing 1.2 billion 250 ml aluminum beverage cans per year.  This fully automated factory equipment operates at a breakneck speed: it manufactures 50 cans and tops every second, which is 3000 pieces per minute.  But for QUALITY PACK, it was not enough to put in the most modern possible technology and the most rapid capacity to stand out from its competitors: after recognizing a problem many people have, namely, the difficulty of opening an aluminum beverage can, in 2017 they introduced an innovation to simplify the mechanism of opening an aluminum can.  Thanks to this innovation, as consumers open a can, their fingers and nails remain protected by its improved ring and tab design.

With this unique technology, the company entered into the running for the EURO CanTech 2018 award, which it won for the 2018 Innovation category.  The pompous award ceremony for beverage can manufacturers, filling plants, and international suppliers happened in Europe’s technical conference on March 20th in Milan, at the Marriott Hotel.

In looking at the HELL ENERGY company group’s history of growth, it’s clear to us that the key to gaining consumers’ trust is to manufacture only the highest-quality products.  We are proud that 10 months after beginning production, we received this prestigious award for innovation in this strong, international field of competitors, where we vied with companies that have had many decades of experience.  As a new aluminum can manufacturer, we consider it an outstanding achievement that our innovation, protected in 28 countries, on a pull tab that is easily opened with the fingertips, was chosen by the international jury.” – said Barnabas Csereklye, QUALITY PACK Zrt’s managing director.

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