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QUALITY PACK, the first aluminum beverage can factory in Hungary, was built as a member of the HELL Group in only 8 months, by the spring of 2017. The project is a real milestone as HELL ENERGY further reduces its dependence on its external suppliers by completing vertical integration, which enables safe and predictable growth for the company through beverage can production within the group.

With the investment the company will produce 1.2 billion pieces of 250 ml aluminum cans and ends, with one of the world’s most modern and efficient technologies. So we can proudly say that our products are manufactured in one of the most modern beverage can factory in Europe.

Following the guideline of the HELL ENERGY Group, we are aware that we can only reach consumers’ confidence through the production of the highest quality products. The expertise and dedication of our staff is a guarantee that consumers are satisfied with the brand.

Our excellent quality products are manufactured in our factory located across about 42,000 square meters. Aluminum beverage cans are carried on a 800-metre long production line, while passing through 13 manufacturing operations and a number of checkpoints. As a result, at the end of the process, the perfect product reaches the consumer.

The production process is at incredible speed with our fully automated production machinery and measuring equipment. The production line produces 50 cans and ends per second, which means 3,000 pieces per minute. However, this does not limit our capacity as we are going to install our second production line within 3 years. Thanks to our technology, two different products can be manufactured at the same time!

HELL Group’s mission is constant development and the search for innovative solutions, which were set as main goals by QUALITY PACK, as well. A new can end which can be easy opened with fingertip is a unique innovation and is patented in 28 European countries. Our products are made of 100% recycled aluminum material in the spirit of environmentally conscious thinking, representing of our corporate involvement in social engagement.

We are proud to say that HELL ENERGY is the only one company who is a market leader in several countries, with a state-of-the-art modern filling factory, an aluminum beverage can factory, and a unique strategic position on a global scale.

Our upcoming years will be characterized by constant development and growth to provide the highest quality products to our customers and consumers, contributing to HELL ENERGY’s success story.


Think green, choose quality cans!




1 HELL Street, 3800 Szikszó, Hungary

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